Friday, February 11, 2011

Wikileaks And Bank Of America

Apparently BAC and the Department of Justice are rather concerned with the material Wikileaks has on the bank.  By way of background, Reuters ran a story the other day claiming a "source" told them Wikileaks has questioned the power of the to be leaked documents.  Apparently Julian Assange is unsure if he can use the 5GB of data and if it will in fact reveal any new insight to the actions of BAC.

Shortly thereafter Wikileaks leaked a document showing the strategy BAC has developed through outside consultants to proactively defend against future leaks.  A few things are very troubling about these actions.

  • The Department of Justice worked with BAC in deciding what agencies to use in development of their strategy.
  • The strategy includes discrediting Wikileaks through false accusations.
  • The strategy includes attacking bloggers who have supported Wikileaks.
  • The strategy includes penetrating Wikileaks servers where possible.

This is no longer about Wikileaks and if they have failed a moral test in leaking various information.  This is about freedom of speech.  This is about the government working with BAC to bring down  Wikileaks using various tactics, some of which are illegal.

President Obama spoke today about the developments in Egypt.  He is such an eloquent speaker and possessed so much promise.  I couldn't help but think about his speech and how it easily could have been a speech to those in power in the US for we have much to learn.  We have lost our moral compass ourselves.

I also cannot help but think why would BAC go through such efforts unless they know of what lies in their closest.  Clearly BAC would rather block freedom of speech regardless of the legality of their methods to keep this closet closed.  I'm not a fan of BAC.  I am short the stock and will remain to be short the stock.

For a little background on BAC's desperate strategy, the RT video below is very concise.


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