Saturday, February 26, 2011

COT Report Week Ending 2/22

For the period ending February 22, 2011, the weekly COT report showed very few surprises.  Commercial positions do confirm the move down in copper. Commercial traders continue to be positioned for pending SPX weakness and the divergence continues to expand.    The 30 year treasury did pullback in yield (higher price) this past week but commercial traders are positioned for further 30 year treasury price weakness (higher yield).  While oil did pullback after the Egyptian crisis,  commercial traders actually increased their net short position implying a further rise in oil prices.



  1. Do you take a break!? Great work all weekend. Loved the short interest post.

  2. Thanks again for the feedback. I enjoy keeping up with all this stuff and we are in a very interesting time in our lives. New site launches this week. I'll be posting a redirect on this blog.