Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Follow Up To The Robo-Signing Deal

Just a link from Naked Capitalism.  I've read a lot but to me this summarizes things and will make you pretty angry.  When you say banks and fraud in the same sentence many will think you are a conspiracy theorist or a dead beat who doesn't want to pay a mortgage.   The naive ones are the ones who refuse to question the motives of those with power.   The Iowa AG was leading the charge with the 50 state attorneys general to pursue robo-signing.  He vowed criminal prosecution.  Well, he caved but was that unexpected?  I recommend reading this link. Read about how robo-signing plays an important role in buying debt and then falsifying documents to seize one's assets.  Very sad days indeed.  I do not hope for a recession in 2011 but honestly cannot see how one is averted.  We need a recession to cleanse our system of fraud.  We need a recession to reset our values in this country.  We need a recession for our children's future.  End of rant.  I was very disturbed though when I read the following link -

Attorney General Tom Miller Reneges on Promise to Prosecute Mortgage Fraud

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